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“Wolf 2” UAV reality in the end can not exist?

Rational use of Technology (Science Fiction) effect is one of the important means for the filmmakers to bring fresh and visual impact to the audience.
In recent years, making the spy films, war films, gangster movies, drones have become one of the essential elements, remember the last film “action” on the Mekong River, the inside of the UAV investigation is a fire, in the circle has caused no small controversy. At that time, Lei Feng also interviewed a product shape looks like the movie with the UAV entrepreneurs. At present the main melody movie hit with “wolf 2”, also appeared in the UAV figure.
“Wolf 2” in UAV (slag pixels)
The same thing in the two films is that there are not many plays, but they all play an important role in the plot. The difference is, “wolf 2” in UAV than “the Mekong” UAV more and more severe.
“In the movie in the Mekong” in “aircraft Cup” setting is fairly acceptable, although the appearance cool, but its core function is to pass, to perform some kind of investigative work, until the “wolf 2”, the UAV appearance would make quite satisfactory, and the performance of the machine itself is upgraded to a a “big kill”.
From the “wolf 2” story can be inferred that the UAV in the campfire crept into, in addition to the investigation, but also can shoot, can even launch projectiles, against the striking force, so, in reality, the drones really exist?
(Disclaimer: the following is a purely technical discussion, not a movie fault)
Military Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
Capable of flying reconnaissance and attacking when necessary, this UAV is present and has existed for years and is used in the army.
In military terms, this kind of UAV is called “scout and play unmanned aerial vehicle”.
Before the UAV function also appears foreign movies, for example, released as early as five years ago the “drone Bourne 4” in the on set of investigation & attack in one, the prototype for the U.S. military use “Predator” uav.
The point is coming.
What about this unmanned captain who looks like a predator?
“The Bourne 4” movie.
As the above said, read “the Bourne 4” friends should be able to think of it, yes, the military police hit one type of UAV are basically the fixed wing big guy.
Last year, the National Reconnaissance UAV “Rainbow five” was successfully tested, and military fans should remember that this UAV looks like a predator in its shape.
In other words, the current military mainstream use of integrated UAV, mostly such a big guy.
Is the four rotor combat feasible?
In the “wolf 2”, the UAV occurs in a very short time in the film about an hour or so, the UAV appeared a total of several shots, brief description of several shots, can be divided into:
Unmanned aerial vehicle hovering.
UAV graphical transmission interface.
Attack process of unmanned aerial vehicle.
The UAV was Dazhui.
And from these short shots, technology captures a lot of information, such as the stability, manipulation, function, size of uavs……
UAV is a four rotor, from the plot point of view should be manually operated (not sure what there is no automatic auxiliary device), a similar image transmission or FPV technology, this technology is very common today, we do not discuss. Judging from the UAV visually very portable (quietly undetected, large UAV drone had been detected), but powerful, from the launch of the fire, should be the ordinary gunpowder bullets, able to do accurate shooting.
Lei Feng asked a few drones practitioners, and the answer was almost all: entertainment, don’t take it seriously, and don’t look for reality from fiction.
According to Lei Feng’s drone weapon network to understand, the army has come out and put into use in, police hit one UAV temporarily without the use of multi rotor, but there are a lot of civil refitting machine, mainly because it has strong entertainment: the price is not high, very chicken ribs.
In order to conform to the image of the movie, the UAV needs to meet the following points:
Four rotor (or multi rotor)
With mounting force
High stability
Under these established conditions, there will be several problems:
The four rotor (or rotor) UAV needs (see electric, certainly not oil, oil driven UAV is generally especially large from the movie image), small UAV’s fatal flaw is the short – life.
Have their own short life Mingmen, UAV also need to carry weapons, a continuous firing ammunition gun device little said a few pounds, and could be fired artillery shells……
Speaking of stability, we only care about a little, so small machines really can afford the weapon recoil?
If in reality, as a weapon, life only ten minutes or even less, a gun recoil is pop up to several meters, so the army should he to do what? (mercenaries are soldiers, also have dignity).
When it comes to civil reform, in 2015, Lei Feng reported a guy who was a fighting nation, mounted his rifle on an unmanned aerial vehicle, and put it on an unmanned aerial vehicle



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