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Amazon’s new patent: using unmanned aerial vehicles to charge electric vehicles

According to foreign media reports on October 9th, according to the latest patent documents show that Amazon plans to use unmanned aircraft to eliminate the main obstacle to electric vehicles: charging. Amazon’s patents show that even if electric vehicles are moving, drones can also lock cars, charging in accordance with the requirements of electric vehicles. It is this idea that allows all Tesla electric car drivers to enjoy better membership experience when they are in a traffic jam.

The concept is very simple:

Devices such as vehicles and remote sensors consume energy during operation. The system, device, and method described here are used to transfer energy from unmanned aerial vehicles to vehicles such as cars. The UAV can lock the vehicle at the rendezvous site and connect it with the vehicle when the vehicle is moving. Once the UAV is connected to the vehicle, the UAV can transfer the energy to the vehicle.

But in terms of the patent context, this fundamental problem becomes complex: “consuming on-board energy may make the device unusable.”. But in this case, the vehicle may not have enough energy to reach the charging station, will lose the connection with the vehicle. Depletion of electricity may lead to adverse user experience.” And this “bad user experience”, such as running out of power during a traffic jam, is often a big obstacle to using electric vehicles. Charging with Drones will make large-scale infrastructure changes (along the road construction charging stations) become simpler and smaller scale.

Patent documents point out that the technology can be used in conjunction with many different alternative fuels, not just battery power:

The UAV is equipped with an energy source, which can provide energy for the UAV to perform the transmission. These energy sources store energy by one or more electric, chemical or mechanical devices. One example suggests that the energy source can be one or more batteries that supply electrical energy to the vehicle. Batteries can be used for one time or rechargeable. During the use of UAVs, the batteries also supply energy. Another example points out that energy sources can be fuel cells, internal combustion engines, external combustion engines, or other devices for generating energy.

With some patents submitted before Amazon (as a floating warehouse air giant airship and the city like top UAV charging station of the “bird’s nest”), the concept seems to be more promising, more can provide important value for consumers, but also some day in the future can really realize.




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