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Australian Eagle shot down $80 thousand worth of aerial drones

According to foreign media reports, now, some countries began training hawks to catch illegal flying drones. In Australia, someone is to carry out the work of Surveying and mapping for UAV, however, encountered a “wild Eagle nosy, the UAV was shot down.

Data chart: Holland police trained hawks to catch drones. Data chart: Holland police trained hawks to catch drones.

According to reports, the Australian man Parfit (Daniel Parfitt) with $80 thousand worth of aerial unmanned aerial vehicle to Australia remote inland, for 2 days of Surveying and mapping work. The unmanned aircraft wingspan of 2 meters, Parfit thought the drone of large volume, no birds can damage, but it still failed to fix the eagle’s claws.
Parfit said: “the last launch of that day was about 15 minutes, and one of the wedge hawks swooped down on it, trying to get the drone down.” Eventually, Parfit’s drone crashed into a pile of debris.

Wedge tailed eagle, Australia’s largest Raptor, weighs 4 kilograms and has a wingspan of nearly 2.5 meters. The eagle has a high territorial sense and can hunt sheep and kangaroos. At present, under the protection of Australian law, the subspecies of the wedge tailed eagle is still endangered in Tasmania, and the sky is still common in the Australian continent.

Recently, more and more aerial cameras flying over Australia, apparently threatening the position of the “highest Predator” of the hawk tailed eagle, and even occasionally attack the people on the gliding wing. Part of the empty film machine operator is not able to withstand the disturbance. Consider installing pepper spray or noise generator on the machine. More aerial surveyors say the wedge tailed eagle is the ultimate angry bird”.




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